Raw Milk vs Contaminated Turkey

Rawesome Raw Milk: 0 Sick, 0 Dead, 3 Arrested. Cargill Ground Turkey: 100’s Sick, 1 Dead, 0 Arrested.

The Atlantic weighs in on the Rawesome Raw Milk Raid vs the Cargill Turkey Recall:

…Despite a lack of victims, Rawesome stands accused. And while Cargill has no shortage of victims, nobody at the company has been charged with a crime over the turkey recall. The government has fewer options against multinational corporations than it does against neighborhood food co-ops. USDA oversees the safety of meat products but can only encourage “voluntary recalls” of products that have been infected with antibiotic-resistant pathogens, reports Tom Philpott of Mother Jones. The final decision to recall was left to the company, which inevitably considered the bottom line as well as public safety when making its decision…

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