Made In Brooklyn: The beautiful cheeses of Jos Vulto, urban cheesemaker extraordinaire (plus a wedge of Beecher’s Best In Show winner Flagsheep on the right, courtesy of Elena Santogade aka @WannabeMonger). These pictures were taken at a recent urban cheesemaker meetup in Brooklyn. 

Actually, Jos is a soon-to-be former urban cheesemaker (but still living in Brooklyn), as he has built a small creamery and aging facility upstate in Walton, NY, and will be officially selling under the “Vulto Creamery” name within the next year. However, many of the cheeses seen here were aged in Brooklyn, in a converted cellar space of his former metalworking shop in Williamsburg — his “cave” of many years — or beneath his house in Crown Heights, and the results are impressive. Suffice it to say, if you saw these wheels in the case of your local cheesemongers, you’d never guess at their urban provenance. These cheeses look — and taste — like they emerged from an old stone aging room in Switzerland or Vermont.

The cheese on the far left in the first picture is his washed rind, raw cow’s milk tomme Ouelout, the recipe for which is included in Gianaclis Caldwell’s new book Mastering Artisan Cheesemaking (recently mentioned on this blog many times). Also included in the book is a profile of Jos, detailing his journey from Holland to New York and from metalworker and artist to urban cheesemaker.

Jos has his own blog as well, where you can follow his adventures in cheesemaking and his quest to build the creamery in Walton, including, in his latest post, photographs of his first “legal” make! 

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