"Maggot Cheese", anyone? Those who’ve spent a little time noodling around the world of cheese have probably heard about the legendary Casu Marzu. A cheese from Sardinia, it is deliberately exposed to the Piophila casei, or “cheese fly”, which plants it’s larvae in the paste; soon enough you end up with a cheese being “aged” by the digestive action of a wriggling sea of maggots. When it’s at peak, the maggots are scraped off and the cheese is consumed. 

This cheese has generally been available only in Sardinia…until now. Word comes from the blog Amuse * Bouche that an Italian restaurant in Queens, Ornella Trattoria has Casu Marzu on the menu! Well…sort of. I called to find out if it was available, and was informed that they most definitely DO NOT sell it, but that it is sometimes served to customers as a treat. I’m guessing this is necessary due to America’s overly stringent regulations on cheese (although in fairness it was illegal even in the EU for a long time before finally being given recognition as a “traditional" food and being made legal for sale). 

Suffice it to say, there’s a trip to Queens in my near future…

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    If you’re squeamish, don’t watch.
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    I love cheese, but I draw the line at anything involving maggots.
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    I… am not as put off by this as perhaps I should be. All cheese is ages through the digestive actions of organisms,...
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    nasty. No, really. That’s nasty. Let us know how it works out.
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